Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gintoki: Improving is that big fat extra

I take cosplay very seriously, dead serious! 0v0 This picture is the prove!
anime manga - gintama
character - gintoki sakata
cosplayer - hushyplushy

Ok, I remember someone asked me how to improve your cosplay. I finally thought about it and have some tips or advice that you might be interested. If you already know this, just read it for fun ;D

What can you improve for your cosplay:

  • Go for the best you can do:
    Basically I'm trying to say don't just go for "this will do". Go for "I can't do any better anymore". So give your all in to styling that wig, make up and crafting. No half ass'ing (that's not even a word!) it.
  • Be more detailed:
    Notice the little things. I can't really explain it but for example: Sesshomaru have two scars on his hand or he have long nails /claws. If your costume, wig and make up are all complete adds those little details to your completed cosplay.
  • Do the extras:
    If the character have extra items, clothes or weapon make them. You might not use it all the time or take it to every convention you go to but it's a big extra for photos. For example: If you cosplay Kageyama Tobio from Haikyuu, also make his cape and crown or if you are doing Sailormoon, make her wand, pen and wings.
Honestly there are a lot of ways to improve a cosplay. It all depends on how much work you want to put in to it and how beautiful you want your cosplay to be. But to me as long as you have put 100% in to it, you deserve a pat on the back!
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