Thursday, November 19, 2015

Umbrella ella ella

My patch of good from Taobao came in a few days ago. As expected, items either look really good or it's totally off. If they are clothes / costumes they either fit perfect and look great or the size is WTF, you can't even tell they used the measurement you gave them!
For example, I'm a really big Umbrella whore, if it wasn't the fact that i don't ever use a umbrella at all other than cosplay I would collect them. This umbrella cost me about less than three dollars and of course the quality is probably the same as how much you paid for.
Forget the fact that when you first open the umbrella it smells bad [I'm pretty sure it's the glue]. Some parts are not even glued right. Luckily it's hard to notice and easy to fix.

When shop at Taobao more likely you won't be able to return, exchange or ask for refund. It will be really stressful once the item isn't what you wanted. So that item better worth the stress!

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