Friday, November 27, 2015

The Progress of Noiz Toys

So I did mention this on FaceBook that I will be cosplay Noiz after Aoba (from Dramatical Murder), and look like this project will be done this year! But, I probably won't bring out any shots of this cosplay until next year.

A few days ago I started the progress of making Noiz's boxes / cubes that he wears around his hip. I thought it was just going to be tedious, boring and time consuming, but i was so wrong. It also took my arm and neck!

I have been in pain since a day ago. The sore is finally wearing off. And, I promise I will not make anther cube for a very very long time!
In this picture above I made the cubes with cardboard and pretty much hot glue them together. The problem here is after you paint it black you see this nasty looking rough finish because of the hot glue. (Also I couldn't find my normal black paint. So I ended up painting it with glossy black paint to just give it a test. The result is horrible!)

After that I decided i want it to be way better looking than this so I sanded all 6 sides of the cube. Now, I'm sure you can imagine how I killed my arm after 20 x 6 sides to sand.

Here are somethings to watch out before you get in to this:
  1. Use cement glue, tacky glue or normal glue to do this. Do not use hot gun. It is extremly hard to sand.
  2. Don't use glossy paint. It will make a imperfect cube more imperfect because the shine.
  3. Try not to sand all the cubes in one go! At least my arm didn't handle that very well.
  4. Try to sand it with a electronic sanding tool if you can. Or else with sand paper it took me hours!
  5. Maybe try half cubes black board half white board. Because you need to color half of them black and half of them green. That way uses less paint. (I had to layer 3 to 4 coats of green paint on the cardboard i got, which was a black with white foam inside x3x)
Dear god please tell me 20 cubes are enough. I really don't want to make anymore of this! Cutting out each sides was tedious and because it's small, each piece have a little bit of measure differences, gluing them together to form a cube gave me some trouble. And the sanding just hurts!
Next up is the actual Belt and Bracelets. I don't even want to think about he's boots right now, it seem hard to make T3T BUT! I'm super determined on this cosplay!! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
Hushy Plushy - Cosplayer
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