Monday, November 30, 2015

Kouen: Intimating vs approachable

Cyber Monday, and the last day of November. The Christmas month is here, every one will be busy with shopping, decorating, gathering and eating right?
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Wow, I haven't had told a story for a long time.
A few years back my dad, he's wife and I went on a vacation in China. We went in to this bamboo silk shop to look around while the many store attendants comes up to help you. No surprise as "trash" as i am, i was looking at under-wears.

S.A1: "Our bamboo silk under wears comes with all color they are really soft and...."
Me *picks one up* "hm, where is the hole?"
S.A2: "What hole?"
Me: "You know, the opening where you take it out to pee?"
S.A1: "... You take it out of where?"
Me: ".... Here! there suppose to be a over lapping fabric where you can spread open and take it else are you suppose to pee?"
S.A2 *smiles widely*
S.A1: "Well, you take off the underwear...."
Me: "What? But, if you have a hole you don't need to take the whole thing off because you are only using the front part of the... are you telling me you...hey do you have a male attendant here?"
S.A1: "I think i know what you are talking about, but I never seen under wears for men like that."
Me: "Woah, really? Hey Dad! come here. Where we live we have a hole here to pee right?"
Dad: *nods* "Yes, normally they have one for men."
S.A2 *looked very surprised* "Where are you from? How old are you? You look young and your skin is so white." *holds my hand to look at*
Me *pulls hand back and starts walking off slowly* "haha, hm, i'm not from here, yeah, um hey look it's a towel I might buy a towel"
S.A2: "You are not from around right? I can tell."
Me: "How can you tell?"
S.A2: "You are really open, and very approachable, I feel like i known you for years... "
Dad: "Let's go we are done here."
Me *smiles* "haha, hm i have to go now, goodbye."
S.A2: "Well, come back to our store sometimes."
Me: "Yes, certainly!"

You learn something new everyday. That was the day I learned the under wears in some parts of China do not have a hole o3o. And, some store attendants are so friendly.
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