Thursday, November 5, 2015

Be careful for creepers 0v0

A few years back a friend of my asked me to be there for her for a modeling shoot with a stranger.

So when we got there, the guy is sitting at his official with a small backdrop behind him. On his computer it was just normal websites until he hurry up went over to close some tabs the popup of porn started. Bad sign right there! =3=

Then he took out out a bag with lots of lingerie [all transparent] and asked my friend to wear them for the shoot. I dragged her out of there! End of the story! NOPE!

anime manga Black Butler, Kuroshitsuji
character Sebastian Michaelis
cosplayer Hushy Plushy
I already mentioned this before I'm going to mention it again. You are smart! You know what you want! The only reason why anyone would fell for it is because they want it bad and desperate enough to trying their luck. You can definitely get lucky [for higher risk], but consider the "what ifs'" and be prepared for the worst.

What's the worst meet up you ever had? It could be date, hang out, cosplay related or anything?
1. Set up a shoot and the photographer never showed up.
2. Met the person and their attitude was so bad, I just turned around and left. Well that date lasted 5mins 0v0!
Hushy Plushy - Cosplayer
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