Sunday, November 8, 2015

About those credits

I'm about to blast you with some serious talking. It might be very long, but i will try to keep it as organized and short as possible. But, 1st let's Aoba!
 anime‬ game‬ dmmd‬ Dramatical Murder
‪‎character‬ ‪‎Aoba‬ Seragaki
‪‎photo‬ by Furious ≡Mori≡
cosplayer Hushy Plushy
As some of you guys know I do a bit of photography on the side for my friends and local cosplayers. I'm not a professional nor i want to be one. I just enjoy shooting and retouching photos.

There are around three times from three different cosplayer that I seen, using photos that i took of them but do not give me credit for it (forget a credited link, doesn't even mention my name). Some of them even crops the picture so my watermark is gone. I just want to let you guys know that this isn't the right thing to do. The awkward thing is you really don't want to go up to them and tell them, to make the situation weird. As you know some ppl will be cool with it and others might be sensitive about it.
Here are some basic things (for trade work)
1. Not giving credit, most of the time you can get away with that because no one is going to sue you. But, don't kill your own reputation for known not to give any credits.
2. Ask for permission before you edit the photos of yourself that's given to you from your photographer. Because maybe they have edited the photo for hours and do not wish to see their own edits being modified afterwards.
3. If the photos you got isn't what you want, just don't use it. But, you do not have the rights to tell your photographer not to use it unless you guys agreed to something before hand.
4. Photographer nor Cosplayer have the solo right to sell these photos unless consented by both parties.
If you guys have any question for me about this please ask me and I hope i can help.
Good news, Yato have been found in China.
爱你 Hushy Plushy - Cosplayer
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