Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Having HxH moments but the hair thou!

i'm having HunterXhunter moments (no spoiler version);
"Hm, I want to cosplay this girl (can't unsee him as a girl)" Kurapika
"Lol, go Bridget!" Killua
"Holy cow, Light what big eyes you have!?" Chrollo
"I don't like him.... GDI this clown is rubbing me the right way!" Hisoka
anime, manga: Gintama
character: Gintoki Sakata
Question from Rain Gwyneth Cadiente Barruga,
Any "Do's & Dont's" in cosplaying based on your experience as a cosplayer?

Do's and Dont's (assuming you are cosplaying for fun)
1. Do respect other cosplayer at all times!
2. Do concentrate on what you want instead of what you think other ppl might say. It's your cosplay make it 100% yours. 3. Do know that this is a very expensive and time consuming hobby.

1. Do not compare,or compete with others if you can't convert that energy to help you in your cosplay journey.
2. Do not judge, criticize or hate on other cosplayers because you wouldn't want them to do the same to you.
~♥ Hushy Plushy - Cosplayer
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