Sunday, October 25, 2015

Before and after wig styling 030

I'm pretty sure any cosplayer have plenty of high end wigs + low end wigs. There are  many times when I have a minor cosplay project I rather take the time to fix up a cheap wig than buying a HQ expensive one that I might not wear it more than just once or twice. Especially if you are new to the cosplay scene, on a budge or just collecting wigs; you would understand why we all have cheap wigs.

Having cheap wigs isn't a bad idea. Some ppl like quality over quantity but when you cosplay so many different characters you might not want to wash, dry, restyle every time just because you are using the same wig for different characters. So with a little bit of research, knowledge and practice you can go for quantity, because you upgrade those cheap shiney wigs in to something that is mid-end. o3o. DO YOU FEEL ME!<3

I'm a newbie at this pretty much everything that have anything to do with cosplay because i have only done all of this (cosplay makeup, crafting, sewing, wig styling) for over a year, but i have some knowledge of what i want and how i want it. A lot free time of my goes in to research, watching and reading about the things that i am addicted to (COSPLAY).

This wig (pic on the left; washed once) was eight dollars bought off of it came to me thin and shiney (as expected), not to mention the wig nets is in beige color (did not expect; should be the color of the faber? x3x). After I complained the shit out of this wig to the seller. I was agreed to get 50% refund on this wig. Fine, As a four dollar wig I will see if i can even make this wearable.

WTF! the blog is too long ok i'll make this shit fast!
Here is what I did to the wig to get the final result (pic on right; dyed, washed, cut and styled) and finally decent enough to pass my standard.
  • Dye the wig net dark green using regular fabric dye
  • Washed it in warm water with some fabric softner
  • Cut short to the desired length
  •  Styled and trimed
And, the end result with out any wig or hair product in the wig looks decent enough for me to use for that cosplay project. I do have one concern; The wig net is put together with beige color nylon threads or something along that line which i can not dye. And, this wig is very thin so which means I have to hair spray the wig so every piece of hair is in place and hidden the threads. On top of that absolutely can not spike.

With all this said i still hope you will like my Midorima cosplay o3o!
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