Wednesday, October 7, 2015

3rd prize winner that Sesshomaru fan sign

That moment when face book isn't really working correctly and did not upload your post, and had to re do the whole post again! orz!
Anime: Inuyasha
Character: Sesshomaru
When do you refuse to take a picture at a convention or an event?

Did not refuse:
1. I set down to eat while i was eating a few ppl want pictures and i stop eating to get up and take them pictures.
2. I had to put my costume on at the convention but a few ppl wanted pictures before my costume was completely on. Again, I stop everything and let them take the photo. (I need to remember not to do this. I think it is important to look complete x3x at least!)
3. I was so sick, that i couldn't talk I nod to give OK to taking pictures o3o (I think i lasted about 3 hours before i was dying and went home.)
Did refuse:
1. During a photoshoot, between poses someone asked for a picture i was about to refuse but the photographer said it was ok.
2. I was a judge for a contest and was actually judging x3x had to refuse.
3. I was late to .. jk! I am never late o3o. But, if i was late to anything at all, no time to stop to take pictures.
~♥ Hushy Plushy - Cosplayer

Giveaway 1st prize and 3rd prize are done. Now 2nd prize did not get picked up so I will do another giveaway for someone else to get that print 0v0.
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