Friday, September 11, 2015

Facebook ID needed

Recently, two days ago, I was suddenly logged out of my Facebook account by Facebook itself. I thought I was hacked but it turned out to be Facebook is checking for my ID. Since the display name is not legit, it finally decided to ask for a license or such.

Surprisingly I wasn't really upset or annoyed by it. I seriously took it as a head up to move on from Facebook, even though it's probably the only thing that have pretty much everything; New feed, Posting to friends, Posting photos with albums, Chat online with friends and of course the feature that I use the most, Fan page to get connected to my viewers.

After it's frozen and won't let me log in without a ID. I decided it's time to make another account. But, this time I won't be so serious about it. Out of all the friends I had, I would say I truly interacted with less than 20 of them. So I will take this little incident as a friend's list clean out.

I'm sorry for leave all my friends hanging there, no, I didn't get killed, I didn't need time alone, I didn't get bullied nor did I get hacked.  Since I can't get in to my account to notify anyone and on top of that I didn't think it was that big of a deal, I kept quiet. Not many ppl know what happened, until now.
戸塚 月人 Totsuka Tsukito (Kamigami no Asobi): " When you creep on friends shooting other friends"
I will be really busy for a few days, just because I need to look in to where I can upload all my photos in to different albums and hopefully with out resolution restrictions. That way maybe I can upload larger sized images. On top of that I will no longer have a photography fan page on Facebook, therefore I will also look in uploading everything for that as well so the cosplayers can grab their photos o3o.

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