Sunday, September 13, 2015

Are we playing the waiting game?

I'm not sure if i mentioned this topic or not but here i go;
Don't play the waiting game. Do you think you bother ppl by starting a conversation 1st? Maybe you think they might not like you? Don't be like that because I am pretty sure more than half of the ppl think the exact same thing. If you and the person you want to talk to both think this way and both waiting for the other person to talk 1st then what will this conversation start?

Those that were friends on my personal Facebook account feel free to send over a new request you know i didn't leave because I wanted to. I would never leave nor would i ever close my own account heart emoticon
PS - Thanks to Rio Bi for this book! I just realized there are so many books behind me i could've just grab one and used but i like your book better it's blue o3o!
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